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Teh member of OSA and DILIA


Varhan (born Jan 21, 1969) graduated from the Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek in Praze, where he focused on composition (professorAntonín Bílý) a conducting (professor Hynek Farkač). During his studies he founded his own experimental symphonic orchestra for the realisation of his compositions – seeking a synthesis of symphonic, jazz, funk and rap music.

While at the conservatory, he worked for many Czech composers as theorchestrator, arranger and conductor of film scores. Among these projects, the highlight was: The Scarlet Pimpernell (composer Michal Pavlíček)

As a student of conservatory Varhan created the Eye Wink Film Orchestra (in Czech OFO, Okamžitý Filmový Orchestr), which now records Varhan's film scores and commercial music. This orchestra is composed from the musicians of the best symphonic orchestras in Prague and new stars in jazz and ethnic music.

Czech Lion Award ceremony 2003-4, Film Festival Karlovy Vary 2004-2007, Galaconcert for Václav Havel's 70th birthday – Varhan's oratorium on libreto by Václav Havel's poetry Antikódy 2006, Avon 2008, Komerz Bank 2008, Varhaneum Tour 2009, PX Party 2012 

Varhan also composed for, cooperated with and conducted other orchestras:

with Basel Sinfonietta he conducted his live soundtrack for silent film of avantgarde director Jean Epstein „La Chute de la Maison Usher “(1928 !) at concerts in Basel, Zurich and Hannover in summer 2012

with London Symphony Orchestra he recorded the soundtrack for Oscar awarded Czech director Miloš Forman: Goya's Ghosts, at Abbey Road Studios in 2006

with Olomouc Philharmonic he acompained the Czech opera divaEva Urbanová on EU Tour 2007

with Hradec Philharmonic he recorded sountracks and jingles as well as a concert tour 2008

with Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra on a live TV broadcast he performed his opus TREBBIA 007

with Zlín Philharmonic and choirs he performed on the 180 years of Vítkovice Steel Company Event

with Prague Philharmonic FOK - Galaconcert for Summit of European Regions and Cities in Prague 2009



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